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Conversion Overview

If you're interested in switching to Pinnacle from your current provide, it's important to understand how the process will work. Since our team of experts is responsible for the actual conversion, as a client you won't be required to do much. Here's what we're responsible for during the process of converting a new client:
Analyze existing requirements for your company
Setup the company header on our payroll platform
Review and setup all employee demographics, deductions, direct deposits, and taxes
Configure optional services such as labor allocation, restaurant tips, etc.
If performing a mid-year conversion, we will enter year-to-date information for employees
Review for accuracy and completeness
Balance all year-to-date accumulators to insure the payroll is balanced
Schedule the first payroll with the client
Training is performed on the payroll system and platform for 1st payroll
Follow-up to explain the payroll reports and explain all the how to locate all the key figures on the report
Additional training is scheduled as needed

The client is required to provide key pieces of information:
Provide employee demographic information via the final report from the current payroll services provider (i.e. ADP, PayChex, ECI, etc.)
If starting in mid-year, provide us with all year-to-date information
Provide all tax filing account numbers and details
Sign a power of attorney agreement authorizing tax filing services
Provide a signature sample for check signing purposes
Have account information ready for employees who are using direct deposit
Other information may be requested as necessary

We guarantee that it every payroll will be balanced, verified, and ready for input and production. Our staff works hard to ensure that every step of the labor intensive conversion is as trouble-free as possible for our clients and that client resources don't have to be used in the process.