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Tax Services

Many payroll clients choose to let Pinnacle manage their payroll tax payments and perform their tax reporting to the appropriate tax authority. This alleviates our clients from having to manage multiple payroll cycles, multiple state filings, and keeping up with regulatory changes. Clients also avoid potential penalties caused by payments not being processed and reported in a timely manner.

Typically, Pinnacle will debit a client's account the day before the check date to secure employer and employee payroll taxes. We will then disburse the funds at the appropriate time to the correct federal, state or local tax authorities on your behalf. If you receive a tax notice, it is forwarded to Pinnacle where our expert team will resolve the situation. If Pinnacle makes an error, we will pay any penalty and interest expense that we are not able to have abated on your behalf that is a result of our error.

Whether your company operates in one state or many, the tax professionals at Pinnacle are ready to manage the process of handling your tax payment and filing requirement.