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Payroll Partner Program

Pinnacle Payroll Solutions Payroll Partner Program offers payroll related services in a matter of weeks!

Pinnacle Business Services is a payroll service company that combines superior technology with simplicity, allowing our clients to get the most out of their workday. Our payroll partner program allows for our partners to offer payroll services and control the customer experience, while we process the payroll. Our outsourcing model provides you with economies of scale and efficiencies that allow you to increase your revenues and profit margin. Current partners include CPA's, financial advisers, bankers, insurance brokers, and more.

How the program works?
Pinnacle Business Systems Payroll Partner Program allows your firm to offer payroll and related services in a matter of weeks with only a minimal investment.
As a result of a quick implementation schedule, your firm will benefit from our revenue sharing model in no time. During our fast setup, firms can choose from our multiple web-based products including: Payroll, HR, Retirement Plans, Timekeeping, Works Compensation, and etc. The wide variety of products we offer allows your firm to design a product offering that is tailored to your clients needs.


A Turnkey Solution that Includes:

• Co-branded marketing materials

• Co-branded data entry website

• Sales proposals and pricing tools

• Services agreements & Set-Up kits

Full payroll services

° Payroll checks & Reports

° Direct Deposit

° Tax payments & filings

° New hire roporting

° Electronic child support payments

° Employee self service

• A La Carte product offering