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Web Based Payroll and Human Resources
Upgrades and maintenance is provided for you at no additional cost.
Uses 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure that your information is protected.
Easy to operate.
Available anytime and anywhere.

A Complete Solution
Completely modifiable employee profile including demographics, department and position, rates and autopays, deductions, taxes, labor distribution, accruals, and direct deposits.
Complete access to company information including demographics, department structures, earnings deductions, taxes and much more.
Secure access to corporate payroll and HR data anywhere, anytime, from any web browser.

Standard Reports.
Over 60 reports available on-site.
Variety of date range choices (cross years).
Output Options.
Hard copies.
Data files.
Output Formats.
PDF, Word, Excel, CSV, and many more.

HR Features
Five Levels of Organizational Setup.
Track Education Levels.
Track Dependents.
Emergency contacts.
EEOC Classification.
Union Affiliation.
Review Tracking.

Additional Benefits
Tip allocation with date sensitive and calculation options.
Automatic GTL calculation.
Secure printback capabilities.
Auto extend calendar with one time setup, detailed tracking and easy maintenance.
Job costing.
Unlimited EE direct deposits.
Smart taxes.
Date sensitive.
Up-to-Date Federal, State, and Local taxes.
Print checks in almost any order.