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Manual Checks

With most outsource payroll providers, if you need to issue a manual check you have to process it, submit it, and wait for payroll checks and reports to be delivered back to your place of business. This is a frustration for many companies choosing to outsource their payroll, but with Pinnacle this problem is alleviated by offering the capability to print manual checks remotely from your place of business.

Before you can print the check, you're asked to specify the check and period ending dates, which will default to the last processed batch. At the next processing cycle all the remotely calculated and printed (issued) manual checks will be posted in the employee's year-to-date earnings, keeping the information updated and creating liabilities in the tax system.

NOTE: If you take advantage of this powerful feature, you must sync up with Pinnacle so that tax information can be collected and processed. Failure to update Pinnacle may result in penalties and interest expense for which Pinnacle cannot be held accountable.

Requirements to print manual checks:
Obtain serialized, blank check stock from a Pinnacle customer service person
An HP laser printer, such as the 4050 or 8000 series
A magnetic toner cartridge, so the MICR line reads correctly to banks
After processing the batch, you need to perform a sync process with Pinnacle so employee and employer tax liability information is received and penalties are avoided

Printing checks remotely is not an ideal situation for everyone since a certain amount of physical security must exist to protect the blank check stock. Even though the checks are not pre-printed with a MICR, company logos, or signatures, it is still a potential security issue if an unscrupulous employee discovers them and uses them for their own purposes.