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1. How can the HR On-Demand services help your clients?
The HR Pros provide an HR solution that works for small to mid-sized businesses. Whether facing an immediately urgent situation (i.e. involuntary termination, discrimination / harassment complaint, workplace violence, etc.) or simply need best practice advice regarding employment law compliance issues, clients get the peace of mind in knowing they have HR Pros right at their fingertips for trusted expertise.

2. Who are the HR Pros of HR On-Demand? How are the HR Pros selected?
We have different teams of HR Pros – part of which are employees – to easily meet changes in your demands. Our selection process involves multiple screening layers to ensure the best qualified individuals continue the high quality service and results you have enjoyed for over 10 years. Certifications and degrees include SPHR, PHR, CCP, MBA, etc. As a whole, our team of HR Pros average 20 years of experience (i.e. HR Consulting, Management Consulting, Training and Development, Direct Small Business Management / Ownership, Leadership Coaching, etc.) across various industries to support our diverse client base nationwide.

3. What kind of access to legal attorneys is part of the HR On-Demand services?
First of all, our clients have come to realize that a vast majority of the HR issues and concerns can be addressed in a cost-effective way with the guidance from HR consulting. Our team of HR Pros share in a down-to-earth, straightforward manner their expertise and insights based on years of direct, real-world experience. That said, the HR Pros are knowledgeable and keen enough to recognize and clearly point out whenever a client’s situation has gone beyond our scope and is in need to seek legal advice from an attorney.

4. What are the HR On-Demand hours the HR Pros are available? If you call after hours, what should you expect?
While HR On-Demand is always accessible 24/7 through the HR Support Center website and the HR On-Demand Hotline that’s toll-free, our HR Pros will respond during normal business hours on weekdays between 8:00am – 5:00pm [PST]. Based on the time the message is received, our policy is to respond to the client within one business day. So, if you call at 7:30pm [PST] on a Friday night, the HR Pro would respond by 5:00pm [PST] on the following Monday. All inquiries and requests will have at least an email response, and the average HR Pro response time is within about 2 hours.

5. How can you find out the status of an HR On-Demand inquiry?
At any time, you can check “My Tickets” of the HR On-Demand tab section in the HR Support Center. By doing so, you can see the current status your question being answered by our HR Pros. In fact, you can view their complete history of the HR On-Demand questions submitted and the corresponding HR Pro answers.

6. What if you need help to have a document, such as an Employee Handbook, reviewed or revised?
At any time, an HR On-Demand user can request to have an HR Pro review and even help customize an HR document. To make the process easier, you simply attach the document in question when submitting your HR On-Demand request. For Employee Handbook developments, we prefer to schedule a live phone appointment with an HR Pro to discuss the document in question and any related concerns.

7. What if you cannot find a certain HR document or piece of information?
All HR On-Demand users gain the privilege to contact an HR Pro with their specific requests. If the information is not part of the HR Support Center, the HR Pro will help create the document in question or pinpoint the relevant information your business needs in mind.

8. Is there a formal manner in which you can add suggestions to things you cannot find on the website to be added in the future?
Yes. You can easily “Contact” Technical Support for any general feedback. We really encourage this because much of what a you experience with the HR Support Center and HR On-Demand is based on the very feedback we get from our valued clients. Admittedly, HR On-Demand users do get an advantage because their feedback often translates into an HR Pro’s direct answer that is customized for their specific situation and interests.

9. Does the HR Advisor monthly newsletter actually get emailed to me or is it only available on the HR Support Center for viewing?
The branded HR Advisor newsletter is always available on the HR Support Center for review and reference. At the same time, you can easily arrange for regular email delivery of the newsletter.

10. Can I access previous episodes of the HRCast in the HR Support Center?
Yes. You can listen to all current and previous HRCast episodes in the HR Support Center whenever you want. Better yet, you can embed the most recent HRCasts onto your website with a simple line code; for more information, look under the HR Support Center’s Administration tab and select “HRCast Widget.” If you ever have suggestions for a future topic, just let us know.