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Gross to Net / Net to Gross Calculations

One of Millennium’s strongest features is the ability to actually preview the check while inputting hours and dollars at the employee level. Every few seconds Millennium refreshes the calculation results in a preview window (see screen shot below). By allowing HR or payroll staff to view check information in real time, they can verify new deductions, earnings, autopays or direct deposits prior to submitting payroll results to Pinnacle.

Pre-process Check Register
Not only are employee and agency checks able to be viewed on the screen, but we also include the ability to print a pre-process check register so you can verify that all payroll input has been performed correctly. This ensures there are no surprises when finished payroll output is returned to you the next day, making it especially beneficial during bonus payrolls when employees are attempting to manipulate voluntary deductions and taxes. Click here for an example of this report.