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General Ledger

For smaller companies or for those with relatively simple general ledgers, posting gross payroll, deduction, and tax activity directly into the general ledger is sufficient. However, the larger a company grows or the more complex a general ledger becomes- especially in a manufacturing environment with job costing- then an automated general ledger feed into the company's accounting system becomes almost a requirement.

Pinnacle supports the generating of general ledger information directly into a G/L filem, which can be posted into most accounting systems that are able to handle typical file formats, such as
Character separated values (you define the field/string delimiter)
Comma separated values (CSV)
Tab separated value (TSV)
ASCII fixed length file (TXT)

During your implementation process, we will assist you in configuring the general ledger module so the desired posting results occur within your accounting system. The following screen illustrates the G/L module: