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Badge Terminals

Pinnacle is prepared to install the time and attendance system that not only matches your business requirements, but one that can easily be cost justified as well!

Time America's badge terminals record time and attendance data when an employee swipes a badge or enters a personal identification number (PIN) through the keypad. Twelve programmable function keys also provide users with the flexibility to display or collect additional data.


Time America’s TA50XL is a simple to use, yet powerful time and attendance solution that allows you to automate your company's timekeeping and attendance tracking with built-in setup wizards and simplified daily operations. TA50XL completely eliminates paper timesheets, which are the root of most payroll nightmares! Employees clock in and out at an electronic data terminal using the badges that are included with the system. The XL data terminal immediately transmits the employee's punch to the TA50XL software. The TA50XL software automatically collects these punches and your pay rules are applied automatically, consistently and impartially.
Prices start at $595.00


TA520 A proven performer that answers a varietyof data collection needs.


TA530 A data collection device built for rigorous use in any industrial environment.

TA100 Pro

Is a simple to use, cost efficient solution that automates all of your Time and Attendance needs. A complete and ready to use solution that includes: software, terminal, communications cable, employee badges and technical reference manual.

TA100 Pro is self-installing and no prior computer experience is needed to take advantage of this powerful yet simple solution.

Employee Scheduler
With the use of color coded screens the TA100 Pro is a user friendly menu driven product.

Last Punch Viewer
The Last Punch Viewer is a useful tool that automatically displays the last punch recorded for each employee within a certain time range (for example, in the last 18 hours).


TA620 A full-featured data collection terminal that allows several different forms of input and communication methods.